St Edward's Catholic Primary

 & Nursery School

We carry the light of Christ as we love, live, learn and look after each other.

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Our Staff

Head Teacher

Mrs Louise Flanagan


Acting Assistant Head Teacher

Mrs Alison Fryer

Senior Management

Class Teachers

Reception Class

Karen McGrath

Yr 1  Class

Cerys Jones

Yr 2  Class

John Harrison

Yr 3  Class

Hassan Mahmood

Yr 4  Class

Yr 5  Class

Yr 6  Class

Tom Wayne

Becky Osborne

Support Staff

Jacqui Hodkinson

Business Manager

Elaine Howe

Admin Assistant

Phil Jakeman


Teaching Assistants

Nikki Griffin

Denise Jeffery

Julie Stratford

Adele Adams

Dawn Christie

Nicky Morrison

Carys Williams

Father Kevin

Father Kevin

Dinner Staff

Our Priest

Our Caretaker

Gillian Tregonning


Sarah Mann

Catering Assistant

Dianne Hunt

Catering Assistant

Teresa Henderson

Lunchtime Supervisor

Heather Shepherd

Lunchtime Assistant


Debbie Pitt

Maria Connolly

Admin Assistant

Pheobe Jeyes

Lunchtime Assistant

Sharon Dagnan

Admin Assistant

Diane Webster

Emily O'Reilly

Mrs L Flanagan Mrs C Butcher Mr J Harrison Mrs R Osborne Mr T Wayne Miss C Jones Mrs J Hodkinson Mrs E Howe Mrs M Connolly Mrs S Dagnan Mr P Jakeman Mrs N Griffin Mrs D Jeffery Mrs J Stratford Mrs D Pitt Mrs A Adams Miss D Christie Mrs N Morrison Mrs D Webster Miss E O'Reilly Mrs G Treg... Mrs S Mann Mrs D Hunt Mrs T Henderson Mr P Hebblethwaite

P Hebblethwaite

Our Cleaner

Miss K McGrath

Annmarie Appleby

Carys Williams

Lunchtime Assistant

Annmarie Appleby

Lunchtime Assistant

Mrs A Fryer Rebecca Bassett

Becci Bassett

Collette Butcher

Hassan Mahmood_Yr3

Nursery/Pre-School Teacher

Miss Ensor


Room Leader

Teaching Assistant

Miss Frost

SEN Support

Miss Mountford

Miss C Ensor Miss H Frost Miss M Mountford Miss A Gleiwitz

Teaching Assistant 


Room Leader

Teaching Assistant 

        Pre School

Room Leader

Miss Gleiwitz

Mrs A Fryer

Mrs Fryer


Teaching Assistant 


Teaching Assistant 

Nursery Staff

Mrs Cook

Miss Jeyes

Miss Greensall

Miss Tomlinson

Miss Thomas

Miss Moon

Teaching Assistant 

PhoebeJeyes_AppenticeTANursery_Lunchtime Asst JadeThomas_AppenticeTA_Nursery JadeTomlinson_TANursery SimoneCook_TANursey_LunchtimeSupervisor Miss K Greensall CarysWilliams_TA Yr3 ChelseaMoon_TA Nursery PhoebeJeyes_AppenticeTANursery_Lunchtime Asst CarysWilliams_TA Yr3

Simone Cook

Lunchtime Assistant