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Maths at St Edwards




  A mathematician who acknowledges how maths is essential to everyday life, critical to science, technology and engineering, and necessary for financial literacy in most forms of employment.




Children will develop a passion for learning maths that will continue to be applied beyond St. Edward’s.




Children will become mathematicians who have developed fluency, who are genuine problem solvers and have the ability to reason mathematically.



At St Edward’s our intent for mathematics is to teach in an enjoyable and applicable way, focused on problem solving, reasoning and fluency. Teachers are supported in their own personal delivery of our updated maths curriculum, ensuring lessons are kept child focused and enjoyable, whilst covering the broad curriculum.


  • Our curriculum, allows children to explore different mathematical problems and relate them to everyday life. Our policies, resources and schemes support our vision, ensuring all children tackle maths in a concrete, pictorial and abstract way.


  • The mapping of mathematics across school shows clear progression between year groups, in line with the age related expectations and National Curriculum. Using White Rose scheme as a way of structure for teachers. This is supplemented by Classroom Secrets and Times Table Rockstars.




We have high expectations that all children will succeed and become numerate through our excellent provision of mathematics



  • Number heavy in Autumn term to ensure the foundations of number sense are solid
  • Development of essential skills such as fluency, varied fluency, problem solving and reasoning
  • Bar modelling method to enhance and embed conceptual understanding
  • Manipulatives and resources to aid and embed concepts
  • Use of concrete, pictorial and abstract approach which are interlinked and used simultaneously to develop understanding
  • TTRockstars daily practice
  • Maths Mastery embedded KS1


Problem Solving and Reasoning:

  • Instant interventions on a daily basis
  • Maths Mastery embedded across Key Stage 1 and disseminating through Key Stage 2
  • White Rose maths and Real World Maths



  • Formative day-to-day
  • Summative through half termly (internal assessments).
  • National DFE SAT’s test (Year 6) which consist of 1 arithmetic tests and 2 reasoning tests
  • Weekly arithmetic tests (Rising Stars) tracked and marked as well as TTRockstars.
  • White Rose Flashbacks to revisit concepts.



  • To continue to monitor the White Rose Mathematics ensuring staff understanding and expertise.
  • Monitoring lessons, learning walks and book trawl. Giving staff general feedback during staff meetings.
  • Implement Pupil questionnaires to examine lesson coverage, maths outcomes and pupil responses.
  • Use staff questionnaires to gain greater understanding of how staff feel about lesson coverage, resources and assessment.




  • School expectations are high and books demonstrate this internally and externally.
  • The acquisition of new equipment, allows children to have a go at problems and use a range of strategies to help them to succeed. Children’s reasoning and use of pictorial representations, is strong and continues to grow.
  • Our maths books are full of a range of activities, showing evidence of problem solving, reasoning and fluency. Maths feedback occurs regularly and is easy to see as children complete in purple pen, this feedback tackles misconceptions or gives children opportunities to reinforce and extend their understanding. 
  • The impact of our mathematics curriculum is that children are introduced and exposed to challenge within ALL lessons. This enables them to apply the taught mathematics skills in a range of new concepts. It is evident that children are accessing a wider range of challenge and are expected to reason more using correct vocabulary.